Namaskar-1A warm welcomes awaits you at the Hindu Temple of Dayton. Worshippers and visitors alike are all welcomed to participate in our prayers, or enjoy a quiet moment to reflect, or enjoy one of our colorful celebrations.  We want you to have an enjoyable experience. However, we would like to remind ALL visitors that like all places of worship and faith, we expect all to observe the following etiquettes according to Hindu traditions and rules by the temple management.


  • NO Alcohol Consumption and NO smoking anywhere on the premises. Strictly prohibited.
  • The whole premise is designated as VEGETARIAN area. NO non-vegetarian food to be brought on site.
  • NO shoes allowed in the temple area on the top floor. Use the designated area at the front and/or lower level for the shoes. Ensure the shoes are properly placed on the designated shelves.
  • NO shoes allowed in any areas setup for large, public religious events. Find the designated area for the shoes and please use them appropriately.
  • Avoid any loud noises or music in the temple area.
  • Cell phones must be turned off or on vibrate in the upper level of the temple.
  • Observe silence in the temple area. If required, keep the voice low.
  • During events, please follow lead from Priest and Stewards and heed to their instructions.
  • Help keep the temple clean and clutter free.
  • If accompanied with children please advice them of the right conduct in the temple.
  • Park your car sensibly, and safely. Ensure you do not block neighbors’ drives and access area. Pay particular attention to safety.

We appreciate your support in following the guidelines and maintaining the sanctity of the temple.


Frequently asked questions:

Question: What is the best time visit the temple for first time visitors?

Answer: Any Sunday at 10:00am would be the best time for new visitors to come to the temple as they can observe Abhishekam (sacred bathing) of Lord Venkateshwara (Lord who destroys the sins of the people).

Question: Is it necessary to bring any offerings to the temple?

Answer: No, it is not required to bring any offerings. But if you wish you may bring flower or fruits.

Question: Is there a special dress code in the temple?

Answer: There is no special dress code in the temple just dress appropriately based on the weather. Please make sure that you have sufficient clothing to cover the body.

Question: Can I bring children to the temple?

Answer: Yes children are most welcome! Just make sure that they follow the rules of sanctity in a Hindu religious place of worship. Remove footwear before entering Temple hall; do not photograph consecrated deities or enter inner sanctum; share Prasad food in the Prasad/break room and verandahs or gardens only. Socialize without disturbing others who may be worshipping or praying.

Question: Can I bring camera to the temple?

Answer: Normally photography of deities and inner sanctum is not encouraged. During special events photography and videography may be allowed. Please ask the priest if it is ok to take photographs and they will let you know when it is appropriate to do so.