Hindu Temple of Dayton is guided by its Constitution and By-Laws of the Hindu Community Organization (HCO).  HCO is managed by a committee of board members and trustees. For eligibility of Trustee see the following criteria as outlined in the constitution.

  1. Trustee Members: There are two levels of trustee members:
    • Trustee member: Anyone who contributed $5,000/- in their life time is a Trustee.
    • Voting Trustee member: However to be a voting Trustee at the Trustees’ meeting one either has to:
      • Contribute $500/- for the last two years
      • Be a lifetime Trustee by contribution $50,000/- in their life time to HCO
  2. General Body member: Anyone who donated $250/- in the last two years is a member of General Body. By this standard most of the Trustees are also members of General Body.
  3. Board members: Total Board members are 9 represented equally by North, Middle and South Regions. Another composition of Board members is based on following criteria:
    • 5 board members should be from Trustees’ body
    • 4 board members from General Body

Copy of constitution: A copy of constitution is available for our members. Please fill out the form below to request a copy of the Constitution.