Spiritual services at Hindu Temple of Dayton are led by two highly educated and dedicated priests – Priest Ramesh Ji and Priest Ashwani Ji. They have been selflessly serving the greater Dayton community over the last 30 years and are the foundation of our Hindu Temple in Dayton. They have helped us in connecting with the God, given their blessings in happiness & sorrow, helped us deal with challenges and guided us in our path to spirituality.

Over the years, with their devotion, knowledge & guidance, the Temple has flourished to new heights.
We are proud of our two priest and wish for their long life from the almighty ūüôŹ

Shri Ramesh Rajamani is the head priest at Dayton Hindu Temple for last 34 years
For seven generations Rameshji’s family has carried tradition of Vedic Gyan (Knowledge)
At age 5 Rameshji had initiation to Samaskaram ¬†– “Path to Absolute Truth”
He attended Vedic school for 8 years & did masters in Krishna Yajurveda Upnishad. He has 3 years of training in performing  various religious ceremonies.
In 1983 Ramesh Panditji was appointed head priest at Ram Krishna Bhajan Samaj in  Mumbai, India. He is a scholar of Dharma Study in Sanskrit & speaks 5 languages Р English, Hindi,  Telgu, Tamil and Malyalam.  Ramesh Ji is blessing our community since 1986. 
Shri Ashwani Kumar is serving Hindu Temple of Dayton as a priest since 1992.

He was raised in Himachal Pradesh under the tutelage of his father who was a renowned Sanskrit scholar in their village
He studied Religious Rituals (Karma ¬†Kand) was honored with degree of ” Hari-Katha Visharad” in 1985.
Panditji devoted next 2 years as a Sanskrit teacher & was subsequently appointed as a Religious teacher & Devotional & Congregational Singer  at Laxminarayan Temple in Talwara.
Ashwani Panditji  has continued his pursuit in  singing Bhakti Bhajans and many CDs & MP3 have been recorded in his melodious voice.

Priests performing puja in temple.