President – Manoj Kumar

Manoj Kumar is a resident of Dayton OH for over 20 years and is very strong advocate of community service.

Manoj is the CEO of Hometown Urgent, Ohio’s largest Urgent Care very successful entrepreneur and Operational Expert with strong & diverse academic qualifications including five masters degrees in finance, law and management accounting. Distinguished awards including 4th in State of Ohio in CPA and 3rd in the Law School. Successful track record in healthcare and consumer driven businesses. Possess distinct instincts and vision and thrive in challenging environments.

Important Announcement
Dear devotee,
In light of the recent Corona Virus pandemic, effective immediately our temple will be closed for all Devotees until April 3rd, 2020 but priests will be performing daily rituals and Abhishekams in closed doors. We have donated over $10,000 to local organizations supporting the COVID-19. Please support us in these challenging times.
Our priests will do special prayers and Archana to Lord Venkateswara for Sarva Roga Nivaranardham (Corona virus prevention & treatment) daily and you can sponsor that puja virtually.
Click on the link below to donate!
Stay safe and healthy
HCO Board