Dear Devotees:

Our temple’s Rajgopuram has been the highlight of our Hindu Temple of Dayton and stands tall in The Glory of Almighty God. Unfortunately is in dire need of repair. It was built in 1989 and over the years, cosmetic repair was done, but the root cause still remains. The structure is essentially sound, but the plaster/stucco on the bricks is inferior and porous causing the water to penetrate through and as a result the plaster is falling off.

As you may have noticed, for safety reasons, currently, the structure has been cordoned off to prevent injury. HCO is working hard to raise funds so that the Rajgopuram can be properly repaired and brought to  its original glory.

We need your support in helping us raise money to restore the Rajgopuram!
• Estimated cost around $300,000
• HCO seeks donation to restore this eye-catching monument
• All donors will be suitably recognized

So please donate money via checks payable to HCO and make a special note: For Rajgopuram Restoration.