Hindu perspective on world peace

  • Hindus believe in “AHIMSA” meaning non-violence [Non Injury] towards oneself and All other living Beings. Nonviolence starts in our Thought, Words and Action, at Body, Mind and Intellect level. Mahatma Gandhi was a living example of Ahimsa [non-violence] and put this wisdom into practice and helped India gain freedom from British by Non Violence means. Martin Luther King followed same principle to achieve his goals in this country. Letting go and acceptance of others & not reacting in negative way is practicing non-violence.
  • Hindus believe in “VASUDEV KATUMBHAKAM” which means “WHOLE WORLD IS MY FAMILY” All Beings everywhere have the right to be Happy & Free. Like USA, India is a big democratic nation in the world where majority hindus [Over 80%] live in harmony with other minority religions including Muslims, Budhists, Jains, Christians Zoroastrians and others who have full freedom to practice their Religions.
  • Hindus also believe in “EKAM SAT VIPRA BAHUDA VADANTI” which means “TRUTH IS ONE BUT WISE CALL IT BY MANY NAMES” According to Hindus Scriptures divinity pervades in all beings So Hindus have Respect and Tolerance for all other Religions thus living in harmony together in India and elsewhere in the world.
  • Hindus chant “Shanti Mantra” or Peace prayer from our scriptures, before initiating any Devotional activity & Spiritual Teachings. All Prayers conclude with OM SHANTI SHANTI SHANTI [OM PEACE PEACE PEACE]. OM is the universal Vibration and Sound also chanted before yoga & meditation practice. Peace is said 3 times to include
    1. Peace in my heart and ALL LIVING Beings in the world
    2. Peace in body, speech & mind. Peace in the cosmos/universe
    3. May there be peace in all

On behalf of Hindu Community of Dayton our best wishes,

Greetings and namaste to all of you

Ravi Khanna