Submission Deadline: 31st Aug 2021

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Essays will be judged on knowledge, content, and style.

Essay Competition Rules

5-8th Graders: 

  • The essay should be 200-400 words.
  • The essay should touch upon two or more of the following topics:
    • What did you understand about Hinduism while growing up?
      (May include family discussions, Bal Vihar concepts, or experience from temple activities.)
    • Hindu festivals: Your favorite Hindu festival or tradition
    • Your favorite deity or holy image?
    • Favorite stories from Hindu Epics
    • What makes you feel “proud” or “special” about being a Hindu?

9 -12th Graders:

  • Essay should be 500-700 words essay.
  • Essay should touch upon at least 3 (preferably more) of the following

    • What do you think is the core message of Hinduism?
    • Aspects of Vedic Culture/Sanatan Dharma that you feel most
      connected with.
    • What are your goals in life (PURUSHARTHAS), and how would your Hindu upbringing put that in context?
    • In what ways do you think Bhagvad Gita, written thousands of years ago, is still relevant today in our daily lives?
    • In what ways can the core concepts of Hinduism bring peace & harmony in the world
    • How do you think that basic concepts of Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation can help you obtain inner peace and balance?
    • What aspects of Hinduism makes you most proud?
    • How would you explain Hinduism (faith or philosophy) to your peers from other religions?