We sincerely appreciate your past support and request your generous donations. Temple needs your generosity and donations at this time more than ever. Most of our temple maintenance money comes from Devotees Hundi donations and we don’t have that at this time. Please support your temple generously by donating!

Pay for Services Make a Donation Sponsor an event
Pay for Archana
Archana $21Sponsor Abhishekham Abhishekam ($101)

Pay for Temple Services Puja Service

Donate any amount
DonateDonate for “Manv Seva” cause Manv Seva


Ram Ji Archana $51
Ram Ji Archana $51
Mahamangal Arti $101
Mahamangal Arti $101
Ramayan Paath Yajman $251
Ramayan Paath Yajman $251
Sita Rama Kalyanam $101
Sita Rama Kalyanam $101

Thank You for your continued support in making a stronger Hindu Community of Dayton. 🙏🏻

Donate via Check
You can donate in the temple or send a check payable to Hindu Temple of Dayton and mail it to the following address.

Hindu Temple of Dayton
2615 Temple Lane
Beavercreek, Oh 45431.
Ph – (937) 429 4455

Please include your name and address if you need a receipt of your donation for tax purposes.

You can also donate shares through our account with Wells Fargo bank (Account# 1268-3170 & DTC# 0141). Please call the treasurer with questions.

Dakshina for Priests: Priest Dakshina accounts
Many devotees want to give to temple priests dakshina for their services separate from the donations or service charges. You can easily do it using the following information:

For Priest Ramesh ji
Zelle account # 9372873012
Ramesh Rajamani
For Priest Ashwaniji

  • Venmo @ramashwani 9378536044
  • Zelle Account # 9378536044


Tax Deductions: All your donations to HCO are fully tax deductible. Hindu Temple of Dayton is managed by Hindu Community Organization, Inc. (HCO) a non-profit organization (ID 31-0945422). You may deduct charitable contributions of money or property made to qualified organizations if you itemize your deductions. In Jan. you will receive a Contribution Letter from HCO that you can use for tax purposes. If any questions please contact us at info@daytontemple.com

Recurring Donation