Hindu Community Organization with support of Miami Valley Physicians of Indian Origin has organized a CPR Training Workshop REGISTER TO LEARN CPR- Lifesaving skills. HCO & MVAAPI have secured 15 mannequins for you to practice in this session.
Saturday, April 21 10:00am - Noon at Om Shanti Hall, Hindu Temple of Dayton. 


  • Early signs of stroke - Dr. Nivedita Mankotia
  • Brain Dead! Is that right? - Dr. Dharmesh Gandhi
  • It’s a heart attack! - Drs. Mukul Chandra & Hema Pandrangi
  • High quality CPR & AED training -  Dr. Rajsheker Kollipara


  • Each year 424,000 hearts in US suddenly stop working without hospital or doctor in sight
  • A simple technique, CPR, done by the bystander can save a life
  • Every min without CPR chances of survival decrease by 10%
  • Trend of increasing cases in our community

  • Practice with a trainer to deliver CPR
  • Learn to recognize early signs and symptoms of stroke & heart attack
  • Dos and Don’ts in an emergency situation before help arrives

Seats are limited, first come first in.  Register


  • Manoj Kumar, JD 937-603-1941
  • Hema Pandrangi, MD 937-776-7558
  • Dharmesh Gandhi, MD 937-885-4877
  • Jhansi Koduri-Kalahasthy, MD 937-885-5979