Why donate?

Places of worship and spiritual epicenter such as temples play an important part in the society we know and live in.  

As individuals and as a community we participate in cultural, religious and spiritual practices that require us to build and maintain a place of worship/ spiritual practice and learning such as temples, churches or other religious/spiritual centers.

We converge there to learn, practice, meditate, celebrate and rejuvenate with our friends and family.

  • Donating money to an institution where people can find happiness is a common practice across the world – some donate to temples, some to meditation centers. Some people donate to their political party, some to clubs, some pay a huge maintenance fee for the maintenance of common area in their community.
  • Donations to temples are the key to their survival. The Gods might not require money, but we humans require our religious places to satisfy and guide us spiritually.
  • Temples require funds to sustain and maintain themselves and provide services to the community.
  • Temples are critical part of out life in providing religious/spiritual guidance, discourses through knowledgeable priests and maintain the premises of the temple for the posterity.
  • Hindu Temple of Dayton is a non-profit organization and has been a powerful force in promoting the spiritual growth of our greater Dayton community. Through this established temple, we are able to bring the spiritual wealth of the scriptures to people in all walks of life in Dayton and its surrounding areas.

Your donations to Hindu Temple of Dayton are 100% used to support the infrastructure, salary of priests and provide numerous services to the Dayton community.

We are thankful to the Dayton community for their generous support so far and look forward to their continued support in the future to make Hindu temple even stronger!