Do Hindus believe in reincarnation?

Yes, hindus believe the soul is immortal and takes birth time after time again. Through this process, we have experiences, learn lessons and evolve spiritually.

Carnate means “of flesh”, and reincarnatemeans to “reenter the flesh”. In Sanskrit it is called punarjanma. Reincarnation is the natural way the soul evolves from immaturity to spiritual illumination. Hinduism believe that soul is immortal, that it never dies but inhabits one body after another during its evolutionary journey. Physical health is a most natural transition for the soul, guided by karma, it continues its long pilgrimage until it attains enlightenment and moksha or liberation from this cycle of life and death and the soul unites with God.

Each soul is evolving toward the same spiritual destiny, for the Hindus believe that karma and reincarnation are leading every single soul to God realization.